Friday, July 1, 2011

Hexagon Placemats!

I bought this gorgeous fabric at Joann's and planned to make fun summer placemats.  After browsing the Internet, I decided on the hexagon design.

I made an equilateral triangle template with Word and the rest was pretty easy!

To make it super quick, I sewed it together inside out and turned it to skip the binding step.

Next, I might make a matching pot holder.

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  1. These are so fun and summery! I have never tried making placemats in a shape other than rectangular, but I might have to try it. I love the fruit and veggie prints and the backing you chose :)

    Thanks for joining in the dinner party!

  2. I love this fabric, what a fun and cheerful project! And the love the silverware fabric on the other side. Nice touch!

  3. Fun fabrics! and what a great job you did matching up all the points.

  4. Really good idea, wonderful color combos and way beyond my ability. I can NEVER get the points to match up! WTG!

  5. That silverware fabric on the back is awesome! :)