Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt Quilt

Over the weekend, I finished my Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt Quilt!  In high school, I collected these shirts and enjoyed wearing them.  After a while, I retired them, but saved them for a quilt one day. 

I designed this quilt using Excel.  Surprisingly, it came together exactly as I planned.  All the fabric came from Joann's.  I had no idea what color would match these bright shirts, but the batiks seems to go perfectly.

For the back, I used zebra print to balance the bright colors but still keep it wild.

I still need to make a label for it.  I'll post it soon.


  1. My sister has given me a bunch ofher old shirts that would like made into a quilt. It's on the list! Yours looks great!

  2. Are the t-shirt squares appliqués to the batik or did you piece the batik to the t-shirt squares to make larger squares to sew together. It looks great!

  3. I put the shirts on a stabilizing mesh and then pieced them like normal. There was only one piece that was interesting to sew. The rest was pieced in blocks. Thanks for stopping by!