Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Placemats

I made more placemats!   Since Christmas is over, I needed something new on my table. 

While visiting Texas, my friend Lacey and I picked out this Joann fabric for winter-esk placemats.  The bare trees remind me of winter and the pink has subtle hearts for Valentine's Day.

I used this pattern by Handmade by Alissa.  Her instructions were very easy to follow! 
I wanted to practice my free motion quilting, but my machine had other plans!  After I snapped two needles, I decided straight line quilting works just fine! 

The tree fabric reminds me of this painting I made at ARTjamN. (3rd from left) We had so much fun painting!

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  1. Impressive artworks. That can only be done by those talented. :)